Services / Modalities

Each massage is designed around what you want and need with your comfort and healing in mind. Please speak to me about your goals so you can get the most ideal session each time you come in.

With the exception of Structural integration, all services can be used in combination with each other, and there is no difference in pricing.

Structural Integration

Based on the work of Dr. Ida P. Rolf, Structural integration is a type of bodywork done over a series of 10 sessions, each session building on the last. Structural integration focuses on the release of fascia as a way of helping the body be more aligned in both gravity and movement.

Due to the nature of these sessions assessment clothes are needed; for men that means boxer briefs / briefs, perhaps with gym shorts if you prefer (please no boxers), for women that means something equivalent to that for your bottom, and a sports bra for your top. This is so that I can assess your body’s structure and work with you as these clothes stay on during the sessions.

Each session requires a 90 minute booking.

Please speak to me first if you would like to book these sessions.

Deep Tissue

Focusing on deeper muscles, a deep tissue massage can help relieve chronic pain by releasing tight muscles, increasing blood flow, and breaking the ischemic cycle.


Focused massage and stretching with moderate to deep pressure to help you recover so you can get back out on the trail/bike/river/wall/canyon/mountain/air or to whatever other sport(s) it is you love.

Neuromuscular Therapy

This is an incredibly deep, focused, and effective technique that can have long lasting impacts on structural issues and chronic pain. After your muscles are warmed up, you will move in specific ways while very deep pressure (though not pain) is focused on a given muscle.

Due to its effectiveness, it is one of my favorite techniques, However, please keep in mind that as it takes time to fully release, there is only time to do a full body massage in addition to a focused massage by booking a longer session. I do not recommend receiving this type of massage less that 5 days away from a major sporting event. this is due to it’s realigning nature which can drop one out of peek performance for a few days.

Relaxation / Swedish Massage  

Your classic Full Body Massage, one that will have you walking out on clouds. A great choice if you are looking to calm your mind and relax away the day

At all times during the massage you will be appropriately covered with a sheet and/or blanket for your comfort.

Cancellation policy: all bookings canceled within a 24 hour period will incur a $40 charge per massage.

EXCLUSIVELY provide therapeutic massages, any sexual misconduct will involve immediate termination of the massage with the full charge.